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3D-Virtual Audio
Welcome to the world of a new dimension in sound...... Download these files and feel the sensation of VIRTUAL AUDIO...

Note : Listen these files via stereo headset to feel proper 3D effect.

A Crowd of Birds.mp3 (423.35kb)
Baby Sound.mp3 (485.39kb)
Contend With Cow.mp3 (282.13kb)
Car Leave.mp3 (298.45kb)
Birds Playings Water.mp3 (392.33kb)
Bom.mp3 (547.43kb)
Birds Singing Nearby River.mp3 (407.03kb)
Cook.mp3 (531.92kb)
Dial a Phone Number.mp3 (298.05kb)
Eagle.mp3 (314.37kb)

Effects Shoot.mp3 (486.21kb)
Laughter.mp3 (158.05kb)
Hen.mp3 (578.86kb)
Hen And Cricket.mp3 (329.07kb)
Ghost And Scream.mp3 (329.88kb)
Flow Water.mp3 (266.62kb)
Birds (1).mp3 (360.9kb)
Effect (1).mp3 (125.8kb)
Effect (2).mp3 (267.43kb)
Effect (3).mp3 (376.82kb)

Screaming (1).mp3 (517.23kb)
A Crowd of Birds.mp3 (423.35kb)
Motorbike Leave.mp3 (267.43kb)
River.mp3 (141.72kb)
Running.mp3 (345.39kb)
Car Come And Go.mp3 (250.7kb)
Screaming (2).mp3 (438.86kb)
Virtual Haircut (3.1mb) SPECIAL
Matchbox (1.8mb)
Blow Drying (160kb)

Crumpling Bag (312kb)
Dogs Barking (192kb)
Dogs Running (345kb)
Flutes In Singapore (3.4mb)
Frogs Loud (654kb)
Jazz Band (743kb)
Womans Invitation (110kb)
Shears (175kb)
Tuning Fork (152kb)
Vivaldi Loud (748kb)
Womans Voice (339kb)